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I'm an animator in training and maintenance of cell animation. I practice mostly with existing characters.

woensdag 23 juni 2010

TV Tokio wazzup.... it was just a fananimation

My fan-animation is deleted from Youtube by a claim of tv Tokio.
A fan animation for God sake, a fan animation.
My animation was damn good for a amateur.
There was no reason to remove it by tv Tokio, because the voices didn't even match with the subtitles. Ok, i had 453.ooo views in almost 2 months, almost a half f*%kin Mil.
I just exercised my animation skills.

I didn't sell my animation.
It was a tribute to Norio Matsumoto!! if he knew it... he would resign!

I wonder what was on there mind when they saw it...
WoW, this is not by us...

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